Saturday Morning Breakfast Group
meets on the 1st saturday of the month at 9:00am - 11:00am
at Marie Callenders Restaurant, The Garden Room
1295 So. Victoria Ave, Ventura CA 93004
contact person - Lucille Miller via email: lucy93004@yahoo.com

Transplant Anniversaries
August 2001  Ron T.     Kidney/Pancreas/Kid       UCLA/UA
October  2011  John  W.    Kidney                  UCLA
February 1988Jennifer W    Liver                   UCLA
September 1990   Patricia B  Kidney   St.VincentsApril 1998             Ramona C.       Liver                    UCLA
September 2013   Claire P.      Kidney  Mayo, PhoenixAZ  May 2012              Phil S.            Kidney                 Cedars   September 2013   John R.    Double Lung                UCLA   February 2015      Don G.            Heart                     UCLA   August 2006Violet P.    Liver  UCLA
September 2003   Rebecca G.     Liver   Mayo FL
September 1994     Penny S.        Liver           UCLA