Transplant Recipients International Organization Ventura County/West Valley Chapter

TRIO is  a non-profit international organization working to improve the quality of life of transplant candidates, recpients, donors and their families. Through the TRIO National Office in Washington, DC, a network of chapters throughtout the United States, Italy, Japan, Australia and members-at-large, TRIO provides a range of services to its community, including Awareness, Support, Education and Advocacy.

Since its incorporation in 1987, TRIO has grown at a tremendous rate. The network of chapters provide a peer-counseling support system and facilitates programs to educate the public about the acute need for donation. It is important to note that TRIO is not a group that is financially supported by the government. It is a non-profit (501c3) organization that receives operational funding from private donations and fundraising events.

As the need for organ transplantation increases, so to does the voice of TRIO. The US Department of Health and Human Services, Division of Transplation (DOT), recognizes TRIO as the organization representing transplant candidates, recipients, donors and their families, and health care professionals.